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Start Up & Small Business General Counsel

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Start Up & Small Business General Counsel

The Penza Law Firm serves as counsel for various small and mid-size businesses in a wide array of industries. Startups and small businesses do not have the resources, either financially of manually, to hire an outside lawyer to handle legal issues that arise. Having a general counsel on standby allows entreprenuers and business owners to focus their time on the business rather than addressing legal concerns. The Penza Law Firm enjoys working with hungry and ambitious individuals and businesses to achieve their repesctive goals.

Legal services include but are not limited to:

Business Law

Attorney Penza personally owns and operates businesses in addition to having years of experience with contract drafting, negotiations, and operations. His experience allows him to better understand the wants and needs of his clients to ensure they spend less time in the courtroom and more time operating their business. Attorney Vito Penza enjoys helping entrepreneurs and small business owners start and grow their companies over time. Owning a business is one of the toughest but greatest pleasures, having an experienced lawyer is a must for a successful business owner.

Legal services include but are not limited to:

Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

Vito's personal experience investing and working in the real estate industry provides the Penza Law Firm a platform  to help individuals and companies navigate through all matters. Whether helping first time home buyers or long-time investors, the Penza Law Firm will provide services catered toward your needs and fight to get you the results you want. Attorney Penza's passion for real estate has led him to invest heavily in real estate and be involved in all stages of a project from site preparation, the build process, and final permitting.

Legal services include but are not limited to:

Construction Litigation

Growing up in construction and operating bulldozers and excavators, I have never seen a deal be completed without a dispute between general contractors and subcontractors or contracts and clients. Having been on all sides of the deal, I realize the importantance of having an attorney with experience to help mitigate exposure and remedy issues as efficiently as possible. I personally own and operate heavy construction equipment and enjoy serving the needs of my clients in any construction dispute or legal issue.

Legal services include but are not limited to:

Health Care Law

The health care industry is vital to ensuring proper care for all patients. Pharmacies in particular are facing more stringent requirements from the Drug Enforcement. In Florida, the Drug Enforcement Administration has been  targeting smaller, independent pharmacies through rogue tactics and aggressive behavior. If your pharmacy has been issued a Civil Investigative Demand, an Order to Show Cause, an Immediate Suspension Order, or other correspondence from the Department of Justice of the Drug Enforcement Administration, please call our office today so we can help out as qucikly as possible to help protect your rights. Are you a nurse, doctor, healthcare professional, pharmacist, or owner who has been targeted by the DEA, DOJ, or other governmental agency? If so, call today so that we can restore your practice and livelihood.

We represent individuals and entitities respond to:

The Penza Law Firm is fighting to protect practitioners, physicians, doctors, pharmacists, and medical owners, allowing them to freely practice medicine without the scrutiny of governmental agencies overreaching and dictating the standards of medical practice.

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